Cor Meum Tibi Offero Domine Prompte et Sinere Instaurare Omnia in Christo

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Reformed Quest is the Landing Page for the ministry of Rev. T.R. Penry III and brings together Geneva Bible Church, Reformed Think, The Puritan Coffee House, Nehemiah Bible Software & Books,, as well as other Reformed Minded Resources. The web-pages you are embarking upon is the expression of the Reformation Journey of Rev. Thomas Penry. This constitutes a journey that each of us, if we are truly serious about our personal relationship with Christ, will embark upon. A Journey that is seen in it's passion for a principled Theology as found in the 5 Solae of the Reformation (Sola Fide, by Faith Alone; Sola Scriptura, by Scripture Alone; Solus Christus, through Christ Alone; Sola Gratia, by Grace Alone; Soli Deo Gloria, Glory to God Alone). All of which flows from a passion ignited by the Holy Spirit for Jesus Christ and His Word.

Geneva Bible Church

Geneva Bible Church is a Church Plant to be located in the Boise, Idaho area. The Geneva Bible Church will come together to articulate its Reformed Worldview. The Church's worldview forms the basis by which reality is interpreted and applied. One's worldview is the grid through which all of Life is viewed. It affects what one believes or doesn't believe about God, Marriage, Family, Church, Education, Politics; reaching to the very fabric of Society. One's worldview affects our personal reality because each one of us must engage, interact, and interpret in order to understand the world around us. From this will follow how we as a congregation will engage and interact together as well as with the world around us. If this is your heart, please feel free to contact Rev. Thomas Penry at

Charnock Institute of the Bible

It is our privilege to present our Institute and programs so that you might make an informed decision concerning your future with CIB.  Here you will find basic information which will introduce you to Charnock’s unique goals.

CIB began with a vision for a Bible College & Seminary where students would translate (Read/Gloss) the entire Hebrew and Greek Bible as part of the curriculum, address a truly Biblical Worldview, read the entire body of Early Church writings up to A.D. 325 for themselves, learn from the best texts available, use technology, and be in active ministry the entire time.  We informed our first students that we were not sure if the curriculum was actually doable since no one had ever attempted it.  It has now been attempted and accomplished!

Come join us!

Charnock Institute of the Bible

Reformed Think

The primary author (Rev. T.R. Penry III) along with any Guest Bloggers on 'Reformed Think', pray that this site encourages each and every Reader in their commitment to Jesus Christ (Proverbs 16:3). We hope to encourage others as we have been encouraged by the many Christ Centered blogs on the internet (1 Thessalonians 4:15-18). We hope you will come back often and visit! Leave a comment, or not - as you choose!
We pray that you Read and Study your Bible (2 Timothy 2:15). Remember that the Word of God is far more important than anything we have to offer (Hebrews 4:12). Attend a Christ-Centered, Bible Practicing Church. We are not meant to walk alone, but in fellowship with other brothers and sisters in the Christ (Hebrews 10:24-25). 

Be a Blessing! Visit often! Be a blessing to someone today!

Reformed Think